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A Set Of Parody Sonic Games You May Play For Free

The Sonic Dreams Collection was created by Archie Prakash and Arcane Kids as an unofficial compilation of Sonic games to be played on a PC. Some of the games contain the official soundtrack from the original games. It is also believed that four of the games were originally official games that were never finished by the Sega developers.

The Weirdest Thing That Sonic Has Ever Been Involved In

The Sonic Dreams Collection was released originally on a website called Hedgehog Exposed and it featured four games that were believed to have originated in the Sega studios. The games where called Make My Sonic Sonic Movie Maker My Roommate Sonic and Eggman Origin and they were finished by the Sonic Dreams Collection developers. You may create avatars with the software or you may play a game where you have to create six seconds of movie footage in order to move to the next level. The Eggman Origin game involves feeding an egg with dung and worms. The roommate game sits you besides Sonic on a couch where you are encouraged to pick text that may help you woo him romantically.

Conclusion - Worth Taking A Look

The Sonic Dreams Collection was not a serious attempt at making a game. It was simply the exploration of what could have been official Sonic games if they had been fully developed. The software is free and is worth a giggle if you are an old Sonic The Hedgehog fan. It doesn't have any replayablity value


  • It has its humorous side
  • The game is free so you have nothing to lose
  • Explore different gaming mechanics that are unusual for the Sonic franchise


  • It is not really a game in the strictest sense of the word
  • The game is more of a one-time novelty
  • Feeding an egg some dung is not soul nourishing

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Sonic Dreams Collection for PC

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User reviews about Sonic Dreams Collection

  • Keegan Box

    by Keegan Box

    funny wierd cool awsome heck yea i love this game sooooooooooo much

  • Curt Brooks

    by Curt Brooks

    sonic,shodow, blaze,amy,andtails.
    I thnk sonic dreams collection is amsome i mean it like one the best


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